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There is a considerable need for motivated professionals who can push the frontiers of research, medicine, healthcare, and life science. That is exactly what Michael Deem has been able to do throughout the course of his career. With an exceptional educational background, a wide amount of experience, and a dedicated work ethic, he has positioned himself as one of the top research scientists, leaders, and business management gurus in the life science sector. During the course of his career, he has performed research in a diverse variety of areas, including cancer research, biotechnology, energy, genomics, artificial intelligence, and data science.

Michael W. Deem is an American engineer, scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur.  Michael Deem is an experienced senior professional who has operated in senior management, Board, and advisor capacities with companies ranging from start-up, to rapid growth, to large multi-national companies. Currently General Partner at Smart Health Catalyzer and CEO of a startup.

After graduating high school, Michael Deem continued on to the California Institute of Technology. He got his undergraduate degree before enrolling in a PhD program at the University of California. He successfully defended his thesis, received his PhD, and went on to Harvard University. He continued to push himself to learn more, do more, and discover more, and he concluded his postdoctoral program at Harvard and elected to continue his research in both academia and industry.

As a research scientist, Michael Deem was named the Director of Drug Design at CuraGen Corporation. He was responsible for directing a wide array of research activities, attempting to identify novel treatments for a range of ailments and disorders. He would evaluate probable therapeutic targets, consult with a variety of different experts to figure out what targets were practicable, and coordinate funds for various research projects to try to get new pharmaceutical products off the ground. This afforded him a large degree of knowledge in generating new pharmaceuticals from idea to conclusion.

In addition to his work as a research scientist, Michael Deem has also served as a faculty chair. Recently, Michael Deem served as the faculty chair at Rice University. He was responsible for overseeing an exceptionally vast department. He had 20 tenure-track professors, 5 non-tenure-track instructors, 200 undergraduate students, and 125 graduate students that he needed to monitor. The Department's annual budget was roughly $27 million.

Michael Deem also made sure that all of the research was adequately funded. The academics that he managed came from a wide variety of expertise. A few examples include biomaterials, tissue engineering, machine learning, multimodal Imaging, cancer research, and basic physics. Every member of the department aspires to have his or her research subject suitably funded, and it was the task of Michael W. Deem to both fundraise for the department and to administer the resources that were available.

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